Find out who is part of the Blue Rugby Travel team

Patricio Albacete

His rugby career began at the Manuel Belgrano club and continued with the URBA teams and Los Pumitas (M19 and M21). He played for Los Pumas between 2002 and 2013, with participation in 3 World Cups. In his great professional career in France, Pato stood out in Colomiers, Pau, Stade Toulousain (where he was French and European champion) and Racing 92. Today he is the head coach of the club where he trained and where he also had his emotional farewell. in 2019. Regarding his business profile, Pato, who finished his university studies and did a master's degree in France, is at the head of various ventures in different areas through his foreign trade company LIGHTLED and his software factory LIGHTLED Technology, of which he is president. He is also a partner of Genetrainer and Vivant real estate ventures, among others, and like the rest of his friends and colleagues from the Los Pumas shirt that are on this page, he is a partner in 2456 Wines.

Eusebio Guiñazu

He began his career in Mendoza RC, was part of the selected teams of the Cuyo Rugby Union, Los Pumitas (M19 and M21) and for more than a decade (2003-14) he played in Los Pumas. As a professional he played in Toulon, Agen, Biarritz, Stade Toulousain, Stormers, Bath and Munster, competing in all the major leagues in the world (France, South Africa, England and Ireland). As a coach, in addition to his club, he was head coach of the selected ones of the Union of Cuyo and South America XV in 2018. He is an educator in World Rugby, in addition to being a Level 3 coach of the same entity. Regarding his business profile, he is the founder of Bird Argentina, a company that develops laser technology for the control of bird pests. He also heads the 2456 Wines and Subjective wine lines, as well as numerous viticultural projects for third parties. He is also involved in initiatives related to real estate developments and new technologies.

Manuel Carizza

He was trained at the Jockey Club of Rosario, was a member of the Rosario teams, Los Pumitas (M19 and M21) and was part of Los Pumas for more than a decade (2004-15). As a professional he played in Biarritz, Racing 92 (Top 14 champion) and Lyon (all from France) and in South Africa for Stormers and Western Province, a team with which he won the Currie Cup. Today he lives in France, where he has his own business as barista (Lobita Café), and is part of 2456 Wines.

Julio Farías Cabello

He is a man from Tucumán Rugby Club, he wore the colors of the Tucumán selected teams, those of Los Pumitas (M21) and played for Los Pumas between 2010 and 2013. As a professional he played in Portugal, France and England, in addition to being part of Pampas XV in obtaining the Vodacom Cup in South Africa in 2011. After his retirement he was a coach in his club and in the youth teams of his province. On the business side of him, he is the fourth member of 2456 Wines and owns a drugstore that also provides supplies for sanatoriums and medical centers.

Juan Pablo García

Journalist in charge of the content of the site. Former player and coach in Los Tordos de Mendoza, for 30 years he has worked in local specialized media and since 1998 he has been working in the Diario UNO de Mendoza, having been editor-in-chief of the sports supplement Ovación, where his work also included coverage of tennis, golf, polo, hockey, NBA and extreme sports, among others.

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